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Corine Randle ~aka~ Baby'Gyrl
Video Tribute to Mama
Durwin Randle | 8 March

This is the video we created for mama. [youtube width=”735″ height=”551″][/youtube]

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Baby'Gyrl ~aka~ Mama
Mama, I Miss You!
Durwin Randle | 26 February
Baby'Gyrl, I just wanted you to know, Oh! How much I Miss You So. We cannot get back together on
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Baby'Gyrl ~aka~ Mama
Baby’Gyrl Is At Peace
Durwin Randle | 25 February
As of 09:41 am on February 25, 2011, Baby'Gyrl no longer has to fight for peace living in hell on
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Meet Baby'Gyrl ~aka~ Mama
Meet Baby’Gyrl aka Corine Randle
Durwin Randle | 11 February
Baby'Gyrl ~aka~ Mama ~aka~ Corine Randle Hello, My name is Durwin Randle, and the woman on this page is the
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