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Hank Aaron - Black History Month
Hank Aaron – Black History Month
Durwin Randle | 18 February

Born into humble circumstances on February 5, 1934, in Mobile, Alabama, Hank Aaron ascended the ranks of the Negro Leagues

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Maya Angelou Part1 - Black History Month
Maya Angelou Part2 – Black History Month
Durwin Randle | 17 February
In the future Successes Maya Angelou has written a number of autobiographies all through her career, including All God's Children
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Maya Angelou Part1 - Black History Month
Maya Angelou Part1 – Black History Month
Durwin Randle | 16 February

Maya Angelou is famous for her 1969 memoir, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, which made literary history as

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Dwight David Howard - Black History Month
Dwight Howard – Black History Month
Durwin Randle | 3 February

Dwight David Howard Jr. was a high school standout at Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy. Dwight selected to go without college

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Peter White
Turn It Out by Peter White
Durwin Randle | 2 November

One of Peter White’s best hits, Turn It Out

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Eubie Blake - Ragtime Pianist and Composer
Eubie Blake – Ragtime Pianist and Composer
Durwin Randle | 1 November
Eubie Blake was born in Maryland on February 7, 1883. He became ragtime pianist and composer for American musicals. Eubie
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Mary J. Blige In The Studio
You Remind Me by Mary J Blige
Durwin Randle | 24 August
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Texting While Driving
Texting While Driving Can Change Your Life
Durwin Randle | 4 March

Texting while driving can change the course of your life, and the course of the people in your life. But

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Kareem Abdul Jabbar – Black History Month
Durwin Randle | 25 February

Early In Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Years Kareem Abdul Jabbar was born in New York City in 1947. A dominant high school

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Martin Luther King Jr. 1965
Martin Luther King Jr.
Durwin Randle | 21 January

In 1960 King and his family moved to Atlanta, his native city, where he joined his father as co-pastor of the Ebenezer Baptist Church. But this didn’t stop King.

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Never Would Have Made
Never Would Have Made It – Canton Jones
Durwin Randle | 20 August

Sometimes we have to get by ourselves and praise God for the late bills; the eviction notice; the disconnect notices;

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I'm Yours
I’m Yours – Keke Palmer & Jeremy Jordan
Durwin Randle | 19 August

…this is bigger than a notion …you’ve done so much I want to tell it …I’m yours…and with this vow

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Can You Do The Crazy Frog Dance?
Durwin Randle | 11 August

Learn how to do the crazy frog dance, and have fun dancing with your children, family, friends, co-workers, are anywhere

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Never Give Up On Hope!
Durwin Randle | 4 August

Just in case you’re wondering if you’re going to make it, listed to these young men. When you you succeed,

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It Could’ve Been Me!
Durwin Randle | 19 July

It could’ve been me…with no shoes or no clothes, and no food to eat… I just can’t thank you enough…Jesus

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Anthony Hamilton - Don't Want To Struggle
I Don’t Wanna Struggle No More
Durwin Randle | 14 April

Dreams Won’t Happen Without A Struggle! Anthony put it very nicely, I Don’t Wanna Struggle No More! But is that

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He Still Loves Me!
Durwin Randle | 22 November

Just in case you feel like …you’ve been picked out …to be picked on …talked about out your friends month

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You May Fall Down – But Do You Get Back Up?
Durwin Randle | 31 May

Look at me…I’m trying…Everyday… I fall down…make mistakes…get back up… Try again…next that…See me… I’m walking…I’m walking…I’m walking… Mary Mary

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Lift Up Your Face by Third Day
Durwin Randle | 24 April

Sometimes I like to through in a video or a song. Either way, it’s all about getting a positive word

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Durwin Randle | 17 April

Countless times in youth soccer, college soccer and the pros, teams that weren’t nearly as talented as their opponents won

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God's Love Rain Down On Me
God’s Love Rain Down On Me
Durwin Randle | 9 April

Listen to the lyrics of this song. The beats or tight, but God takes you in his arms and holds you close, and rains down on you.

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Hurricane Katrina
What Do You Tell Your Storm?
Durwin Randle | 29 March

I was running around on YouTube and came across this video. As I watched the video, I realized how blessed

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Corine Randle ~aka~ Baby'Gyrl
Video Tribute to Mama
Durwin Randle | 8 March

This is the video we created for mama. [youtube width=”735″ height=”551″][/youtube]

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