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Often times things happen in our lives which may cause us to repel from relationships, commitment, loyalty, family, and God.

If there is anything worse than the rage, the frustration, and the other negative things that come out of us, it is the things that do not come out!

Festering wounds are dangerous wounds.

I can tell you from experience that those wounds “do not” go away, until you untie them from your dock and set sail.

Let me explain what I mean…

Your “boat/wound” could be a death of someone close, foreclosure, lost your job, rebellious children, all your utilities are off, etc. — this your boat.

The dock is where the boat comes to rest — the dock is YOU.

Here’s the problem…when a storm hits, it usually brings:

  • wind — a death of someone close
  • rain — foreclosure
  • hail – lost your job
  • lighting — rebellious children
  • thunder — all of your utilities are off

None of these things rest on a solid foundation — but their most dangerous when tied to the dock/you

When the storm hits, the boat gets tossed around, and if the boat is tied to the dock, the dock takes a beat-down.

So the owner of the dock comes out in the mist of the storm and cuts the ties between the boat and his dock, in order to save his dock.

In summary, all I’m saying is “docking your wounds is dangerous” — its time to cut the ties, but the choice is yours.


I deliberately did say who the owner is because I felt like playing. If you’re not sure who the owner is, just leave me a post.

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