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I came across a story that kind of smacked me in the face with a cap.

Here’s what I mean…

A family went on a picnic with their children by a lake.

As the adults had fun laughing about ol’ times, at some point, one of the children waded into the lake, stepped into deep water, and sank out of sight.

But get this, none of the adults at the picnic knew how to swim; so they ran frantically up & down the banks of the lake, looking for someone to save the child.

Just about that time, a man riding his bike came by, leaped into the water, and saved the young boy.

The child was frightened but unharmed, only to hear the next words from his mother’s mouth saying

Where’s Johnny’s cap?”

As a parent, you would think the child’s mother would be concerned with her son’s well being instead of his cap. Wouldn’t you think?

But here’s what smacked me in the mouth

Often times, we as business owners loose focus of our destination, and concentrate on the situation-at-hand. What do I mean?

In this particular story, the mother immediately focused on Johnny’s cap, and started grumbling about the situation-at-hand instead of her destination, which was getting her child out of the lake safely.

So often we focus on small disappointments that cause us to grumble and complain rather than focusing on our destination.

When we complain about small dissatisfaction’s of life, we’re essentially asking the same question, “Where’s Johnny’s cap?”

The next time we want to complain about our SEO is not working, remember, “where’s Johnny’s cap?“…

Maybe you’re not getting the traffic you want, remember, “where’s Johnny’s cap?“…

Disappointments (snags), are apart of building an online business. My question to you is,

What have you been working on to increase your traffic?

The next time you want to complain, remember, “where Johnny’s cap?”

Then, get on the phone, send out an email, watch a video, browse our blog, or visit the help center. Find the resolution to your small disappointment and fix it.

Focus on your destination…not your situation…

What do you think?

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