Month: November 2011

Giving In To Fear

When We Give In To Fear, We Are Already Beaten!

Fear keeps us and others from reaching our potential! While reading, I came across a few paragraphs that I can relate to, and I’m sure a few other people can as well. Hopefully this will help you separate the difference. People who are ruled by fear stay where it’s safe, and that’s not good, because …

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Changing Your Attitude

Change Your Attitude By Changing Your Thoughts

Norman Vincent Peale, wrote that he came across a tattoo studio in Hong Kong. In the window of the tattoo shop, was a particular drawing that caught his attention, “Born to Lose.” Shocked that anyone would actually ask to have that permanently written on his skin. Peale went inside and asked the Chinese artist, → “does anyone really …

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Problem or Predicament! Which Is It?

Recognizing problems for what they are–temporary tests of your ability to resolve an issue– won’t do you much good if don’t know how to overcome the problem and move forward. “A problem is something you can do something about. If you can’t do something about it, then it’s not a problem, it’s a predicament. That …

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Facing Challenges!

Facing Challenges!

It’s been said that when U.S. Marine Chesty Puller found himself surrounded by eight enemy divisions during the Korean War, his response was, “All right, they are on our left. They are on our right. They’re in front of us. They’re behind us–they can’t get away from us this time!” In life, obstacles, challenges, problems, and failures …

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