Acuity Is A Scheduling Calendar That's Flexible

Acuity Is A Scheduling Calendar That’s Flexible

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I’ve probably tried several dozen online scheduling apps and services until I finally decided to stick with Acuity Scheduling. Here’s why!

2-Way Calendar Syncing

The primary feature I wanted was 2-way syncing with Google, and Acuity Scheduling does just that. But here’s what sets-it-off. You can have a dozen different calendars (one for each service), and “EACH” of the calendars will 2-way with your Google calendar. Which means appointments added to Acuity Scheduling will appear in Google, while events in Google will automatically block off your appointment schedule in Acuity Scheduling. Sweet!

Multiple Staff & Location

Now I somewhat switched up the purpose of multiple location because I’m using the calendar to schedule photography appointments. Therefore, I listed each of my photography packages, and created a calendar for each photography category (wedding, family, portraits, graduation, children, event, and real estate) I shoot, and listed my photography packages for each category.

Acuity Scheduling allows me to easily manage multiple calendars, but gives me the flexibility as we grow to manage multiple locations, employees and vendors from one centralized location. You basically give employees their own accounts to manage just their appointments. Sweet!

Website Integration Plus Scheduling Page

Here’s one more feature I really like about Acuity Scheduling. With their easy to use interface, I can easily add my scheduling calendar to my blog to accept appointments from within my blog. But on the other hand, my photography website doesn’t play fair with javascript & php. So having the stand-alone scheduling calendar is perfect to link-to from my photography website. Or, if you don’t have a website at all. Plus the calendars or customizable to your liking.

So if you’ve been running around for hours, days, weeks, or even months looking for the perfect online scheduling calendar to fit your business. I can save you some valuable time, because Acuity Scheduling is what you’re looking for.

But don’t take my word for it. Click either of the links and try um out before you subscribe for only $10 bucks a month.

‘Til the next episode, chow!

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