Boomerang vs RightInbox

Boomerang or Right Inbox for Your Email Account

It took me a while to figure out which extension would be best for me using Gmail as my email client. But here’s a good article that really helped me clarify the features of both Boomerang and Right Inbox for Gmail.

It was close, but I was able to decide upon which one I really wanted to keep and use to help me schedule out going emails, recurring emails, etc.

What was the difference for me between the two?

The big difference for me was knowing if someone had opened the email. I wanted a way of knowing that once I’ve sent an email, the reader actually opened the email. Now, whether they read the email or not is a different story.

But here’s the tricky part. If you combine Boomerang for Gmail or Right Inbox with another extension within your email account, you’ll find that features are doubling up, and that was the issue I was having.

So, I had to first, decide upon with email marketing service provider I wanted to settled down with and go from there. Once I decided upon my email service provider, I basically went the opposite direction for features to make my decision between Right Inbox and Boomerang for Gmail.

Keep in Mind a Couple of Features

Boomerang has a calendar if you doing a lot of scheduling with clients, and email tracking. Right Inbox can schedule recurring messages and save templates for quick use.

Both service are great, the price is about a 50% difference. But if you compared the features of both Boomerang for Gmail and Right Inbox for Gmail, I don’t see anyway you could miss. Each service gives you the option of adding the extension to an “unlimited” number of accounts. You’ll have to decide upon which features fit your need the best. After reading this article, I didn’t have a problem deciding which was best for me after all.

Click here and read the article. It may help you decide which is better for your Boomerang for Gmail or Right Inbox for Gmail.

‘Til the next episode! I hope this article helped.

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