How To Set The Default Folder View In Windows 7

How To Set The Default Folder View In Windows 7

How To Set The Default Folder View In Windows 7

For months I’ve been frustrated with How to Set the Default Folder View in Windows 7. Windows would always change the “default folder view” each time I go to a different folder, and I was tired of that.

So I set out a few minutes ago to find a solution. I came close to what I wanted, but I may have to upgrade my computer to get exactly what I’m looking for. So let me explain “how to set” your “default folder view” for all folders on your Windows 7 computer.

Go to the folder to you want to change the view layout, or already have the view layout the way you want all folder to look. (e.g., list view, details, tiles, small icons, large icons, etc.).

Click on the “optimize” button on your tool bar. That’s just above your folders panel on the left side, and below your “file menu” button on the menu bar.

Click on “folders and search options” from the drop down menu.

Select the “view tab” at the top between the “general & search” tab.

The very first box which is “Folder views”, you will see the “Apply to Folders” button is now active (click that button to apply).

Click “ok” at the bottom of the “folder options” window.

Your set. The default folders view for your system has been changed to match the view of the folder you were in.

If this short tutorial helped you, please share with the next person in your circle.

“Til the next episode, thanks for reading.

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