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I Keep Getting An Untrusted Connection Message In Firefox

If you’re having an issue with Firefox unable to load sites you normally visit. And if you’re using Kaspersky as your internet security software.

Kaspersky May Be Causing The Problem

For the past week, I haven’t been able to load Google, Facebook, Buffer, and probably a few other sites that I’m not aware of because I haven’t visited the site. But I came across a forum that mentioned that Kaspersky is not allowing Firefox to read the sites certificate; therefore, Firefox has no way of knowing that the site is trusted.

Here’s What I’m Doing That Seems To Be Working

So here’s what I’ve been doing lately that seems to be working, but I’m sure once you clear your cache, you’ll have the same issue all over again. But for now,

1. I turn Kaspersky off
2. I visit the sites which I’m having an issue viewing
3. I turn Kaspersky back on.

So far this has been working, but I haven’t cleared my history/cache and revisited the sites I’ve had issues viewing to find out if I will have the same problem again.

If you’ve found a different solution, please share because I’m sure there are millions of people having the exact same problem. In the mean time. I hope this helps solve your “untrusted connection issue” with Firefox. It’s working for me.

Will I Stop Using Kaspersky?

Absolutely Not! That’s one thing I do know for sure. I’m not about to stop using Kaspersky just because I’m having a small issue viewing a couple of sites because they’re security certificate is not passing through Kaspersky. Either I’ll come across what I need to do or Kaspersky will make an adjustment before I find the solution. Which could already be rectified, I just haven’t found it.

’til the next episode, stay safe!

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