Upon The Mountains

In the mount of the Lord it shall be seen

Upon The MountainsJehovah–jireh,

Is what Abraham named the mountain, upon which he was to slay his son for a sacrifice, when God asked Abraham for an offering.

As I read this verse, I saw God walking with his son all the way to the alter, never leaving his side. And it came to me that this is what God has, is, and will do for all his children.

At times we feel as if God has left us alone in the midst of our troubles. But if you let the true picture manifest itself in your mind, you see Abraham (who is a picture of God), never left his son’s side (who is a picture of Jesus). From the time Abraham (God), put the wood upon his son’s back (Jesus), and walked upon the mountain (Jesus carrying the cross), Abraham (God) never left is his son’s side.

We as children stray away from our parents (God) for any reason. Some of us probably makeup a reason to stray. On the other hand, our parents (God) has, is, and will leave our side.

Now, that doesn’t mean that God won’t talk to us when he’s upset with us, which is why we feel as if God has left us. Think about it. When our human parents get upset with us, they tell us to go to your rooms. They have separated themselves from us because they’re upset with our behavior. And the same is true with God

So the next time we feel alone, ask yourself this question. Has God left me alone, or have I separated myself from God? And if you’re honest with yourself, most time we find out that we have separated ourselves from God because we went to our rooms, but we jumped out the window to go play.

‘Til the next episode, peace!


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