Instagram Finally Supports Landscape and Portrait Formats

Instagram Finally Supports Landscape and Portrait Formats

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When a message hit my inbox that Instagram now supports landscape and portrait formatting, my first thought was no-way. So, I followed up on the post and read it for myself. Then I went to my Instagram app and tried it for myself. The verdict. Instagram now support landscape and portrait formatting.

What Instagram said was that they realized that most people were having a hard time and didn’t like having their pictures cut-off when trying to share with Instagram, and that someone is me. That’s one of the reasons my I’m late setting up an account with Instagram.

Nevertheless, I’ve had an account for a while now. Actually I have two Instagram accounts. One for inspiration quotes and another for wedding, portrait, event, & graduation photography.

But, when this message hit my inbox, Instagram now supports landscape and portrait formatting, I got real excited, especially after I tested the app for authentication.

What this means for me as a photographer is that I can now snap a shot and know that what I’ve taken will show up on Instagram as I took it. Instagram finally got rid of the days where I had to decide what portion of the picture I wanted to share on Instagram. Now I can share my picture just the way I like.

So, how do you format your pictures for landscape are portrait to fit Instagram? I must say, they made it real simple. You tap a small format button just in the lower left-hand corner of your image, and presto, your image is formatted for Instagram in landscape or portrait.

Once you share the photo, the full-sized version of it will appear to all of your followers in their feed in a beautiful, natural way. And to help keep your profile with a nice clean look, Instagram will continue to display your profile as a grid, center-cropped and squared off. I Love It!

You can learn more about the changes from their Help Center.

Instagram for iOS version 7.5 is available today in Apple’s App Store, and Instagram for Android version 7.5 is available today on Google Play.

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‘Til the next episode!

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