Mission Impossible

Mission Impossible

“And the servant said unto him. Peradventure the woman will not be willing to follow me unto this land: must I needs bring thy son again unto the land from whence thou camest?”

Now I’d like to ask you a question. What’s Keeping You From Your Goals?

Have you talked to yourself lately, and asked yourself,

  • “Why haven’t I reached my goals already? What barriers, obstacles, or road blocks do I have keeping me from reaching my goals?”

If you answered this question and said,

  • “I don’t have any barriers, obstacles, challenges, or road blocks keeping me from reaching my goals.

You’ve just lied to yourself.” We all have something blocking us from reaching our goals. If not, you would have reached your full potential already. Hence, “Mission Impossible.” True or False!

But those of us, including me, who have "mission(s) that seem impossible. For example,

  • financial challenges, relationship barriers, educational dilemmas holding you back, emotional road blocks, are maybe you tend to sabotage your own success because you think you’re not worthy of being successful.”

Whatever your barrier may be, we must first identify the cause/problem, before we can move forward with the effect/results we’re seeking.

Which means we have to ask ourselves another question. Is Mission Impossible Really Impossible?

You see. In the scripture I quoted above, Eliezer had a number of barriers built in the goals of finding a wife for Isaac.

  1. He had to figure our ‘how-to’ get to a country he had never been before.
  2. He had to find the right woman, which he had never meet before.
  3. He had to convince her to come back with him to a country she had never been before.
  4. He had to convince her to marry a total stranger
  5. He had to convince her parents to allow her to leave
  6. And, convince her parents that she would be marrying a complete stranger.

Most people today would probably call this "Mission Impossible." But was it really a “mission impossible” when God was leading Eliezer him? Better yet, let’s ask ourselves another question.

Is Our Mission Really Impossible?

Today I’d like to challenge you, and myself, regardless of your busy schedule, to write down on paper what your goals are, and then write down a list of the barriers keeping you from reaching your goals. Why am I asking you to do this? Because, if we don’t know what the cause/problem is, we can’t change the effect/goal until we can identify ‘what it is.’

A “Mission” is not “Impossible” when we “Decide” to find the obstacle/cause in order to reach our goals/effect. It’s a matter of choice!

‘Til the next episode, love ya!

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