One Older Gentleman

One Older Gentlemen

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I titled this post One Older Gentlemen because the story is about an older gentlemen, age 63, who had traveled through life and still financially unsuccessful. But the picture I chose is not the gentlemen in the story. He’s one of my favorite actors. Maybe I’ll write a post about him later for black history.

In the book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, Harv talks about an older gentlemen who had attended one of his seminars in Orlando. As people lined up to get his autograph, Harv noticed an older gentlemen who could barely catch his breath because he was sobbing.

The Beginning of the Story

“I asked him what was wrong. He said, “I’m sixty-three years old and I’ve been reading books and going to seminars since they were invented. I’ve seen every speaker and tried everything they taught. I’ve tried stocks, real estate, and been in over a dozen different businesses. I went back to university and got an MBA. I’ve got more knowledge than ten average men, yet I’ve never made it financially. I’d always get a good start but end up empty-handed, and in all those years I never knew why. I thought I must just be plan old stupid…until today.”

“Finally, after listening to you and doing the processes, it all makes sense. There’s nothing wrong with me. I just had my dad’s money blueprint stuck in my head and that’s been my nemesis. My dad went through the heart of the Depression era. Every day he would try getting jobs or selling things and come home empty-handed. I wish I would have understood modeling and money patterns forty years ago. What a waste of time, all that learning and knowledge has been.” He began to cry even harder.”

“I replied, “No way is your knowledge a waste of time! It has just been latent, waiting in a ‘mind’ bank, waiting for the opportunity to come out. Now that you’ve formulated a ‘success blueprint,’ everything you’ve ever learned will become usable and you will skyrocket to success.”

“He started to lighten up and began breathing again. Then a big grin came across his face, and he gave me the biggest hug and said, “Thank you, thank you, thank you.” Last I heard from him, everything was booming: he has accumulated more wealth in the last eighteen months than in the past eighteen years combined.”

The End of the Stor

What's my point for this story?

What are you thinking? What goes through your mind throughout the day? Are your thoughts positive about your future, family, financial status; or have your thoughts been negative because of what’s happening in your life right now?

Let’s get back to thinking and acting positively about ourselves, and take control of our lives. We were created for success, our minds have deceived us in to thinking that success is just a myth. Don’t believe the hype because God don’t make junk!

In the meantime, if you’d like to read the story for yourself, get the book. The story starts on page 28.

‘Til the next episode, peace!

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