Open WordPress Links in a New Tab

Sometimes I find myself having to open WordPress links in a new tab and the links are located in my footer widgets or my primary or secondary navigation.

What have I been doing in the past?

However, what I don’t like to do, and what I’ve been doing in the past, is to create a custom link or page and install a plugin to open links in my footer in a new tab.

But this created another issue because the plugin would open WordPress links in a new tab for ALL links in my footer navigation. This caused pages on my site to open in a new tab when I simply wanted one or two links to open in a new tab.

How to open WordPress links in a new tab.

What can I do differently?

But there’s a solution to open WordPress links in a new tab and it’s built within WordPress itself. For you WordPress gurus, I’m sure you already know about this. But for those WordPress users who don’t know the solution, let me help you.

Here's how it works

  • In your WordPress admin panel, navigate to Appearance > Menu
  • In the upper righthand corner, click on “Screen Options” to open the dropdown menu.
  • Tick the checkbox for “Link Target”
  • Select the menu item(s) you want to open in a new tab and tick the checkbox “Open in a New Tab”.
  • When done, press the save button to save your changes.

You’re done. You can now open WordPress links in a new tab without having to create a new page are install additional plugins to open specific links a new tab.

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