Persistence Is A Vital Link To Victory

Do We Talk About Our Mountain or To Our Mountain?

Jesus said,

speak to our mountain in faith, commanding it to be touched into the sea,

is a very strong statement, and one most of us struggle with daily — if we would admit.

First, let me ask you a question.

  • Should you hurl your word according to your will, or the word of God, according to his will?

In Luke 4,

Satan tempted Jesus, and each time, Jesus answered his train with the Word of God; consistently say, “it is written.”

We as human beings do fine; unfortunately, after doing this for awhile, we tend to get tired of waiting of

“speaking those things that be not as thou they are,”

without seeing the results of our prayer. And let me be the first to admit, I have done this numerous times.

But check this out…

A stone cutter may strike a rock ninety-nine times with a hammer, and there may be no evidence at all that the rock is cracking. Then on the one hundredth time, it may split in half. Each blow ways weakening the stone even though there were no signs of indicate it.

What’s my point?

Persistence is a vital like to victory. We must know what we believe in , and be determined to stick with it until we see results.

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