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Never Would Have Made

Never Would Have Made It – Canton Jones

Sometimes we have to get by ourselves and praise God for the late bills; the eviction notice; the disconnect notices; refrigerator being empty; mother passing away; loosing your job, which was the only source of income you had to buy food for your family. But when you make it and look around, remember these words, …

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He Still Loves Me!

Just in case you feel like …you’ve been picked out …to be picked on …talked about out your friends month …to be beat down …until God turns your life around Is okay! Just remember this, …but He still love’s you!


Countless times in youth soccer, college soccer and the pros, teams that weren’t nearly as talented as their opponents won the match because they contested every ball as if it were their last. by Mia Hamm Some of us have skills… Some of us have talent… But very few of us have heart… I wanted …

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