Tyler Perry Point of Light

Tyler Perry Point of Light

Tyler Perry Point of Light

Stand! Wait! Listen!

In this video, Tyler talks about being a Point of Light. In the bible, God’s talks about being a Beacon of Light. What’s the difference? Actually, I don’t believe there is a difference.

You see, I believe that life gives YOU (I’m making it personal now) the option to either “lift a person up” or “tear a person down”. Everything else in between is an excuse for not doing what you know God created YOU to do. Am I guilty of doing this very same thing, absolutely!

You are who You are…
Because God created You to be…
Who You are…
     ~ Durwin Randle

Here’s a question for you. Are you going against the grain?

It’s easy to conform to the cares of the world. But how many times throughout the day are you being a Point of Light? Resisting the temptation of conforming to the cares of this world?

Hopefully my thoughts I’ve shared with you today will cause you to Stand! Wait! Listen! the next time you want to “tear a person down” in stead of “lifting a person up.” Be that Point of Light Tyler talks about. Be that Beacon of Light God talks about. Be that Shining Light Jesus talks about.

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