We Have A Role To Play!

I was reading a book this morning, “Change by Eric Parks.” He mentions an analogy he heard best describing our role when it comes to “change.”

So, for my post this morning, I decided to write the same analogy–word-for-word–directly from the book. Enjoy!

God is the author of the kind of “heart change” we all are hungry for. Just as He thought you up — your hair, you eye color, and your DNA — He thought up change. And it is through His power that you and I are able to change.

In Galatians 5.1, Paul said, “Christ has set us free to live a free life. So take your stand! Never again let anyone put a harness of slavery on you.”

But make no mistake, there is something you and I must do in order to unleash God’s transformative power in our lives.

Dallas Willard put it this way:

“You must act and you must act intelligently, for without intelligent action, nothing happens. In effect, Jesus say, ‘Without me you can do nothing, but if you do nothing, it is without me.'”

In other words, we have a role to play in the process of our change.

The best analogy I have heard about this change goes something like this:

Imagine a sailor who has a beautiful sailboat, rigged out with all that makes a sailboat a sailboat — ropes, a harness, pulleys, and sails. Now, a sailor can tie all the fancy knots he likes; he can hoist as many sails as he has; he can work from sunup til sundown; but ultimately, if the wind doesn’t blow, the boat won’t move very far.

On the other hand, the wind can howl — it can be gale force — but if that same sailor doesn’t come up from below deck and tie the fancy knots, hoist his sails, and do all that a silor is expected to do in order for a boat to set sail, then again the boat won’t go very far. As it relates to the tranformation of our hearts, you are the sailor and God’s Spirit is the wind. He is the one who blows those winds, of change our way, and it is our job to act intelligently to catch them.

So, if change is the A Plan for you life — and you have a role in that change — then it begs a question:

What are you to do? What’s your role? And, even before all that, how does change begin for us?

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