You Can’t Overcome Your Fear Unless…

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You can’t overcome your fears unless you first recognize they exist. Here’s a story that may help. Check it out.

Several old-timers sat around talking about their days in the old West, when one said,

“I’ll never forget the time I killed an Indian.”

“Shoot him?” asked another old-timer.

“Nope,” said the first.

“Kill him hand to hand with a knife?” asked the second man.

“No, nothing like that,” answered the first. “Ran him to death.”

“How far did you chase him?”

“Didn’t,” said the first old-timer. “I was in front.”

The first thing to overcoming your fears is recognizing they exist. Here’s an exercise for you…

Make a list of what makes you feel fear. If you feel unable to do that, you may be running from those feelings. If that is the case, try paying attention to your feelings.

  1. When does your heart race for no apparent reason?
  2. When are you paralyzed into inaction?
  3. When do you display nervous energy for no apparent reason?

These kinds of responses may be due to fear.

‘Til the next episode, peace!

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